Hi! I'm Kirsten! I absolutely love designing wedding invitations. Working with brides & grooms, creating something special for their big day is the best part of my job! I love all things wedding & hope to make your big day a little less stressful & more exciting. Every bride dreams of her wedding day, I'm here to help create the wedding invitation of your dreams.
I've been married to my sweet hubby Ben for 5 years. I love all things sweet & sugary, Crumbl cookies are where it's at! You can also find me in the yoga studio teaching & practicing, at the gym or at home as I sit & design
Paper Designs offers a motion graphics wedding invitation that you can post on social media. Motion graphics is a way to make something move in its own unique way. Each wedding invitation is different through print and motion graphics. 
Did you know I don't just design all things wedding? I don't! I also design logos for anyone & any company, big or small. I design all things invitations/announcements, & wedding-of course! Any type of party, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, you name it! And if you have an announcement to make, like a baby, save the date, anything, I got you! I offer business cards, t-shirt design, printable's, & really anything you want or need! Go check out the "other" page to see some of the different designs I have done.
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